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Sales is NOT Sales 

When You're Selling Outsourcing!


 What is Unique about Selling Outsourcing Services?

Outsourcing has become a part of every business and within every industry.  Buying outsourcing services is a decision that every business owner or departmental manager has faced over the past 10 years.  But not everyone can sell outsourcing services.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “I can sell snow to Eskimos” or “I can sell anything, because people like me and I like people.”  Sales is NOT sales when you’re selling outsourcing services because feature and benefit selling techniques are not going to make a salesperson successful selling in the outsourcing market.
There are multiple reasons why a company decides to explore outsourcing some of its business activities or units.  Companies have many reasons and factors to evaluate when deciding which vendor will provide it with the best possible service.  The selling of outsourcing services is unlike selling products or services; it is unique in the approach and methods.  Successful sales professionals in the outsourcing industry must understand business first and foremost.
Do NOT expect to convert your current sales team into outsourcing sales professionals.  The selling and buying process is unique.  Too many companies try to expand their sales team’s capabilities and explore the outsourcing market with existing sales representatives.  As we all know selling services is nothing like selling products and selling outsourcing is nothing like selling either products or services!  The key to successfully selling outsourcing services is Business Knowledge!

Sales Outsourcing 101

Above the line awards
First Place 
Shellie Luman – Maestro
I’d like to submit Shellie Luman for the Above the Line award for June for her continued hard work with her client Maestro. During these uncertain times brought on by the restrictions of Covid-19, Shellie has succeeded once again by exceeding her goal for the month of June. She has demonstrated her commitment to this client and to Sales Focus and as always, we appreciate her efforts and dedication to her ongoing success.
Second Place
Erica Bonot – RX Saver Detroit North
Erika Bonot- has had a great month of June! She has over 2,000 transactions and on pace to be 500 transitions over from the previous month. Erika has been a strong leader on her team of 3; sharing best practices of what has been working for her. She has also become a very strong mentor for the Midwest region. She is always positive on calls and whatsapp groups. Whenever someone is having a bad day, they know they can reach out to Erika for positive words!
Third Place
Melissa Herrick – Solar Farms
Melissa Herrick has been a stand out for the Solar Farms NY program. As a team leader she has embraced her new role and gone above and beyond to meet daily obstacles. She leads by example getting daily enrollments. In addition her positive influence and leadership goes above and beyond. We are lucky to have her and the team feeds off of her success.  
Thank you to our amazing employees for sharing and caring.  If you have a kudos for a team member, manager or colleague please share.  
Send to

Thomas Martin– Rx Saver  Pushing past the pandemic and riots early June, Thomas remained focused, driven and persevered!  Congratulations Thomas for achieving 106% of June monthly quota!  Again, showing that “can do” attitude and the extra efforts do pay off!! 

CJ Minick: CJ has done a phenomenal job helping all teams across SFI navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. She has kept us safe and healthy while still ensuring each programs continued success- all with a smile on her face!
Doug Reynolds: Over the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to watch Doug in the process of retaining new programs at a very rapid pace! He helps lead the internal team every step of the way, remaining organized, strategic, and efficient every step of the way. His commitment to signing more business makes him a wonderful asset to our company!

Marilyn Horwath/Amanda Reynolds: Marilyn and Amanda have a recruiting workload full of fast deadlines, challenging positions, and hiring needs that increase everyday. They both do a wonderful job keeping everyone informed, motivated, and following established processes. Beyond that, they communicate and energy to candidate prospects that gets them engaged excited to work for SFI!

Dean Fox – SFNY  Dean brings endless passion, strategy, and commitment to leading the SFNY program. He is fiercely committed to the success of everyone on his team.
Melissa Herrick – SFNY  Melissa does a fantastic job balancing the responsibilities of being a team leader while also being a great example of how to be a great sales person. Her energy is is nothing short of contagious!
Laura Garrow – SFNY Laura went out of her way to make my transition into the new OA on the program a success! She is committed to her team’s performance, communicates effectively, and is always the first one to help a rep. overcome any obstacles in their way.
Rhoda Roberson – SFNY Rhoda is the biggest cheerleader on the SFNY team! She loves to help pump up her peers and offer advice or tips whenever needed!
David Finnell – SFNY  David always offers his advice to his team and wants everybody to win together! His insight is a massive asset to everyone he speaks to!
Bill Carpenter RX Saver has quietly taken the St Louis territory to new levels. With a week left in the month he has blown past his total transactions from May and is estimated to see an 30% increase in his territory. He is quick to volunteer for any test group and always shares any tidbits of success with his peers in order for the program to succeed. Way to go Bill!
Glenn Wright – RX Saver  joined the team 1 day before the pandemic shut us down and worked hard at getting up to speed and learning his territory. That hard work has paid off his first month back in the field and is on track to double his transactions Month over Month and breaking the ceiling in Houston. He is happy to share what he has been doing with anyone that would listen and can often been seen posting it on the WhatsApp groups. Glad to have you aboard and looking forward to your continued success!
Shout out to Carlos Cordon – RX Saver! Another month and another increase! Carlos is close to increasing his territory by 330 additional transactions despite everything that is happening in the world! With 1 week to go, he has already surpassed last month’s numbers! Great job Carlos!
Shout out to John Brann- RX Saver regional leader and keeps everyone on their toes with a good laugh and sage advice. Thanks for all you do John B! 
Shout out to Susan Brown-RX Saver the recent sales reports show some great Week over Week growth, I am looking forward to seeing all her hard work pay off in San Antonio just like it did in Detroit. Awesome stuff Susan!


Andy: For last month and this month, Andy has continued to demonstrate excellent leadership skills on our team! He has a great way of motivating people and has always helped us to strive better. Thankful for his leadership and to be part of his team!

Jordan: Jordan has been a beam of positivity on our calls every week, and always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. He’s always been a great supporter too! I’ve learned a lot from him and feel lucky to be on his team!
Romeo Guzman-RX Saver Shows up highly motivated, ready to go and presents an infectious positive attitude. Romeo is continuously thinking outside of the box and looking for ways to drive not only his territory forward, but for way for all of us to excel. A great team player and motivated professional.
Thomas Martin-RX Saver Continuously steps forward to volunteer when extra task are requested. Always has a good attitude and provides constructive and positive feedback for the team.
I want to nominate Joshlyn Robinson for the Above the Line award for her amazing leadership, willingness to hold her team accountable and up to standard, and her hard work and dedication to Sales Focus Inc.  She is OUTSTANDING and I am blessed to work on her team.  She helps me advance professionally and is not only a great supervisor, but an awesome person all around.
John Raffa – RX Saver  has been with the program almost a year and has really grown his territory.  He  has built great relationships with the pharmacies and is always thinking of new ideas of how to get them to use the program.  He is always willing to help others and offer advice.  John is also willing to take a team leader role whenever is needed.  Awesome job!


Ron Mercado has been an outstanding leader the past couple months.  He always have words of encouragement and advice for anyone that seeks it.  He has taken on a lot of roles with the RxSaver program and always gives 110%.  Thanks Ron for all your dedication!!
The Northeast Team deserved a huge shout out for all the hard work they have done in the past few months during these trying times.  They have really thought outside the box and are building great relationships with their accounts.  Everything that has been asked of them they taken in stride.  They amaze me each and everyday of what they can accomplish, Cannot wait to see what the summer months have in store for the Northeast, keep up the awesome work!!
Wade Lee – Sober Grid has done an excellent job booking demos for this client and has achieved his goals within his first two weeks after training. Along with realizing his goals, he has been in the office each and every day since we reopened the call center after the restrictions set forth as a result of Covid-19. Wade is at his desk at 8:30 each day ready to work and deliver his KPIs without distraction. His attitude has forever made him a valuable member of Sales Focus and his accomplishments are the results. 
I’d like to submit Brian Douglas for this month’s Kudos. Brian started with us only a few weeks ago- and his dedication to this position in addition to his many years of experience as a leader of call centers has paid off in this short period of time. When I interviewed Brian for this role, I stressed that I needed him to fully understand the expectations of each inside client as well as the goals and obligations we have promised to each. I have been impressed with how he has fulfilled this prerequisite and has surpassed my expectations by working hard to educate himself with all of the nuances that make up each client’s demands.
In addition, Brian has shared with me many ideas that will add great value to not only this call center, but the continued development of this office and our clients.
Laura Garrow (Team Lead) Solar Farms – Has been dedicated to the success of her team. She has taken on multiple responsibilities for the relaunch of the Solar Farms project and we are luck to have her. Always willing to share and contribute she leads by example.
Timothy Walte Solar Farms– Timothy has come on the scene in complete beast mode for the Solar Farms NY program. His dedication and ability to network is seeing quick dividends. We are all excited to see what he brings the next month.
Danny Fraley- Solar Farms The relaunch of the Solar Farms program has been challenging. Danny has stepped in and provided much needed stability through operations for the program. His enthusiasm and ability to navigate challenges has been fantastic. The New York team is excited to have him!
I would like to give a shout out to John Brann, from the very beginning of my time with Sales Focus he was so willing to help me succeed by giving me advice, tips, training and going out of his way to give me the tools I needed to help me with my territory. Ever since my first day he has continued to be there to answer questions, let me vent or cheer about my day and offer any help he can anytime. He goes out of his way and spends his own time unselfishly to help me and others. He also is good for some comic relief, even if unintentional!


Would like to shout out to my South Central Teammates and the entire National Team because we are here first and foremost to Build Business Relationships while selling our program benefits.  We are connecting with accounts on a personal level using our own approaches via drive thru’s in our vehicles and masks amid the COVID stuff while battling the Industry Changes/Strategies.  What a weird but cool way to do business.  Salute!!


Shout Out to DJ Campbell who just joined our SC Team.  YOU are going to take the Houston SW Territory from nothing to Incredible Figures with Your work on the streets!!  Cool dude. 🙂 FYI – this guy Knows how SalesForce works 
Jordan Virgin continues to grow his territory month over month. Taking over what was considered a tough territory, he has more then tripled the transactions since October, 2019. That includes a 24% MoM April to May of 2020. He’s projected to be over 2500 transactions in June, which will be close to another 20%MoM growth from May. Jordan is extremely active on WhatsApp with tips as well as with kudos for reps who share. He’s also very active on regional calls and is always looking to grow as a sales professional by asking good questions. A major key to his success is being Mr. Persistance. Jordan will continue to develop his territory with his can do attitude.
Shout out to Carly Brodsky, she is a wonderful manager. She has great people skills , knowledgeable about the business and provides support when needed .
Kudos  to Luciana for always willing to help taking time to answer my questions giving me those awesome tips and great whats up app instructions.
Kudos to Johnny V for sharing ideas, brainstorming on the fly and checking in thru stressful times.  
Kudos to Don for being a true leader even when no one has all the answers for what the future holds but he consistently communicated positive advice and suggestions.
Don Kudos to Ron Mercado –Ron has been a great manager. He is always positive and is a great motivator and coach. He inspires me to be a better leader everyday! He has done a great job with enforcing SFI and RxSaver policies to ensure both programs achieve positive growth. Ron is leading the RxSaver program, while also covering the South Central region. Several South Central reps had great positive growth, which is a true testament to his hard work and great leadership. Ron has been a great asset to the team, and leading the program in a positive way!
Kudos to Lu is an amazing student and picks up systems rapidly. But more than that she is a teacher  that is very giving of her mentorship. Lu is an amazing person. 
Johnny Vaughn approaches everything with a verve that is inspiring. You cannot discuss a topic with Johnny and not be ready, and excited to attack the problem.
Kudo’s to  Miss Taylor. I have always said, the benchmark of a sales person is curiosity and willingness to learn. Over the past months i have been stunned by everything she heard from our team discussions . How she has implemented it. That is the real deal. Right stuff.
I am giving kudos to Luciana for being a great motivator and team player! She is a constant source of positivity and an absolute joy to work with!
In addition for above the line-Erika Bonot, also helped to lead her team (Jordan&Andy) to 1st place, winning them each $500. Rockstar month
I want to give Kudos to Kimmie and Danny for being the best team anyone can ask for. I want to thank them both for being so flexible and helpful through all of the program switches and changes. Both kept great ” Can do” Attitudes and worked very well to make sure one another had everything they needed.
Jon Higley – tireless commitment to improving SFI.  Jon has shown his will and determination to improve SFI’s performance and relationships with customers and employees.  Jon’s focus on constant improvement has allowed SFI to succeed in a difficult time.
Frida Horwath – Frida’s knowledge and commitment has proven to be extremely valuable to the SFI family.  Frida has worked extremely hard to improve the SFI brand with prospects and employees.  Thank you Frida.
Roxy Butiuc – Roxy continues to work tirelessly on making sure SFI succeeds in this difficult time.  Her commitment is unparalleled and greatly appreciated.   She is always willing to go the extra mile and take on any project.
Marilyn Horwath – Tirelessly focused on finding the right candidates.  Marilyn has taken on the roll of leading our recruiting team when we needed leadership and direction.  Her time is consumed with one focus, how do we make our programs better!
CJ Minick – CJ takes on any and all responsibilities, no matter how big or small.  It doesn’t matter what I ask, she’s always willing to take the lead and get the job done.  Always focused on making SFI a better place to work for all our staff.  Thank you.
Angela Ellsey continues to grow a top performing territory to new heights. She had a 21%  growth MoM May to June , which follows up a 52% MoM growth from April to May. She remains active on WhatsApp and always active on regional calls. She’s always there to help out her teammates when possible.  Angela has the positive attitude that all good sales people should emulate. She remains up even when challenges are put upon her. A true team player who remains one of the stars in the SouthEast.


Johnny Vaughn - RX Saver

I've been a salesman all my life. My first sales job was closing my mom at Walter Reed hospital in Washington D.C. to keep me and not leave me at that military hospital and I've been closing people ever since. I'm a military brat of 7 siblings. I 've lived abroad in Europe and the carribean. I am married to my queen of twenty five years. I've sold everything from newspapers,pizza,encyclopedias door to door. I have 4 sons and we have 14 grandkids and I reside just outside of Chicago. I own a beauty company that educates the spanish market in the midwest for the last 40 years. I came to Sales Focus in March of this year with the challenge of making a difference with my vast sales background and was offered that opportunity under my mentor and boss Don Wilcox. I get up every morning at 4 a.m. to work my plan and I always keep my head to the sky. When I'm not working I'm fishing or watching football.

Glenn Wright- RX Saver

Glenn grew up in Florida and graduated with a BA in Business Management from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Prior to joining SFI and RxSaver in March, he had been an independent home loan originator and a Procter & Gamble sales rep in the restaurant and hotel industries. Glenn competes in USTA team leagues and tournaments for recreation and social time, making it to the National 2018 Finals in Las Vegas. His bucket list includes traveling with his wife Jeanise to National Parks, attending games in every MLB ballpark and to have spent the night in all 50 states. Glenn's business philosophy: "It is paramount to gain an understanding of the customer's goals, plans and concerns so you can find a way to integrate your product or service in a way that helps them achieve those things that are important to them."

Frida Horwath - Marketing

Frida Dygd Horwath currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and 2 sons. Frida joined Sales Focus Inc. in 2020 and has been working on strengthening SFI's appearance online. Frida graduated from Berkeley College with a Bachelor's Degree in International Business and Marketing. Frida has lived in Norway, Sweden and New York City where she worked in the Event Planning and Marketing industry. When Frida is not working or with her family she enjoys spending time riding horses.

Congratulations to Joshlyn Robinson for receiving her Masters in Human Resources Training and Development from Webster University on June 5th. Way to go Joshlyn!

Congratulations to Johnny Vaughn & his wife for celebrating 25 years of marriage!

A marriage works on give and take And learning how to share Always thinking of your loved one And to show How much you care To trust each other always And forgive when there’s a need To say how much you love them Is a wonderful thing indeed Your love upon your wedding day Will grow throughout your life And build upon that moment When you became Husband and Wife 

Congratulations Dean Fox on your new family member!

She is 3 quarters bulldog and a quarter Beagle, a Beabull
The story goes like this. She was part of a litter of 10 puppies, 8 were born in the first 7 hours. Tru was still one of the two that had to be extracted 5 hours later at the vet. One of the two did not make it but she did. She was half the size of the other puppies & lost part of her ear from others pulling on it. She is a feisty little fighter and fits in perfectly with the rest of our family. She is named after the Chicago Bears Quarterback Mitchell TRUbisky.

New Clients in June

Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

High Performance Technologies

Clean Media


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