New Season, New Strategies

August 25, 2023
2 minutes to read
sales strategies
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As we begin changing seasons from summer to fall, we feel the temperatures change and see the leaves changing on the trees and wildlife getting ready to hibernate. It seems, too, that nature’s wardrobe is inversely related to ours: as the trees change and drop foliage, we add layers to stay warm.  With all the changes going on lately, have you stopped thinking of what you might change to improve your sales strategies?  This is a good time to take a break – maybe even take a long walk – and engage in self-reflection.

Dedicate the time now to take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Yes, we all have weaknesses (we are human), but instead of being ashamed of your downfalls, learn from them.  They can be a powerful tool in the reinvention of your sales self.

Look back at the past year professionally.  What do you think you did right, and where did you not succeed as you wanted?

On the positive side…

Did you have any astounding successes?

Were there referrals from existing clients?

Did you improve your relationships with current customers?

Did your sales increase?

And the not-so-positive side…

Did you lose any clients?

Can you think of accounts you’d hoped to secure but didn’t?

Do you recall dropping the ball on any leads?

Did your sales decline?

Perhaps one or more of these situations pertain to you.  If you look back and see things you wish you’d done differently, then resolve to do better next time.  If you’ve enjoyed a lot of success, kudos to you!  Think about what you did to get there and keep doing it.  There can still be room for improvement, though.  The greatest salesperson in the world doesn’t maintain the position of “greatest” without ongoing improvement.

Sometimes, a little change is all that’s needed for professional rejuvenation. Self-reflection is a good start, but also consider trying one of the following:

  • Reinvent your approach with prospects and clients.
  • Change the way you dress – in a big or small way – and see how it changes your outlook.
  • Take a short vacation to refresh the wind in your sails.
  • Commit to reading SFI’s Sales Tips regularly!
  • Use a mirror to practice your sales pitch (you may be surprised at what you see).
  • Talk with a salesperson you admire and gain insight/tips.
  • Ask trusted clients to tell you what they like about you and what they would like to see you improve.
  • Read books about sales; the classics are a great place to start!


Experts recommend planting trees and shrubbery in the early spring so that roots can take hold, ensuring the plant will thrive.  This can be a good time for you to try something new and let it take root so your sales can thrive.