Sales as a Service: The Benefits of Outsourced Sales

Sales are an essential aspect of a business. It determines the success or failure of a venture. While great products and services help, without sales, they will only be expenses. That is why entrepreneurs must find efficient ways to scale up business sales. 

Decoding Sales Outsourcing

Like any other business process, sales is an aspect that can be outsourced. Depending on the company’s needs, it can be partially or entirely.

Outsourced sales also offer the following benefits:

  • Expertise – Working with a sales service provider will give businesses access to experienced and well-trained sales representatives. Thus, increasing the probability of high conversion rates and stronger client relationships.
  • Targeted Focus – The team’s focus is solely on the sales aspect of your business. So, they will not be distracted by other tasks. 
  • Tools – Generally, a sales as a service team can bring in more quality leads. It has the necessary tools to execute sales and marketing plans effectively. Additionally, they have the right methods to target relevant markets.
  • Results – The knowledge of relevant markets and experience in handling them allows outsourced sales teams to get better results from prospective client interactions. Additionally, they are more likely to have more connections.

The concept of sales outsourcing is not new. Companies have long been using commissioners, distributors, and traders to reach new markets and boost sales revenue. 

So, how is sales as a service different? It helps businesses outsource the sales aspect to an external party for a long-term partnership.

B2B Sales Outsourcing

Business-to-business (B2B) sales require a different approach than consumer sales. Outsourcing this service means a business will work with a third-party organization to create a sales strategy, the building of a team, launching necessary tools, and generating leads.

B2C Sales Outsourcing

When a business’s sales model targets individual customers, it engages in business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. While most think of retail sales and brick-and-mortar establishments, e-commerce selling can also fall under this category. Generally, B2C sales involve a much shorter cycle than in business-to-business (B2B). That is because it involves only one or two decision-makers. The purchase often happens immediately.

The Power of Sales as a Service for B2C

For many businesses, finding and retaining customers can be challenging. Add to that the fierce competition in the market. One solution that has helped many companies is B2C sales outsourcing or what some may call sales as a service.

Sales as a service help companies take advantage of untapped opportunities and target new and underserved markets, to drive revenue. It includes a long-term partnership. The service provider will serve as your company’s sales manager to complement and supplement your company’s sales strategy.

Why Sales Outsourcing is a Good Idea for Your Company

There is no denying that a sales team is integral for businesses. However, outsourcing gives companies access to professional sales representatives with less hassle and cheaper costs.  

Here are some of the benefits that make B2C sales outsourcing a good idea for your company:

Dedicated Sales Team

Your company can expect a team of professionals committed to generating leads and increasing sales for your business. Despite not being in-house employees, the sales representatives train to understand what your brand, products, and services are all about. Thus, your company will no longer have to worry about the expenses and time necessary for recruitment, training, and in-house staff management.


Another advantage of getting sales as a service is a flexibility in choosing the effort level necessary to meet your company’s goals. You can discuss how many sales representatives the team should include and what parts of the sales cycle they should be focused on.

Cost Management

B2C sales is not cheap, especially if the company has to hire and train its sales staff. Outsourcing removes that responsibility from your company. You only have to pay a fixed rate to the service provider. It will ensure the inclusion of professionals into a dedicated sales team.


A sales as a service partner can offer the latest technology necessary to optimize the sales process. These may include automation and customer relationship management (CRM). Thus, your company does not have to invest in such technology. 

Increased Revenue

Perhaps one of the most crucial considerations of many companies when thinking of B2C sales outsourcing is the result. Managing and maintaining an in-house sales team comes with the risk that goals will not be met. Outsourcing minimizes that risk since well-trained professionals will be handling the sales strategy of your business.



Revenue growth and
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Reduced and controlled
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Brand protection by using
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Sales Intelligence – All
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Key Takeaway

Being one of the main pillars of a business, sales is something that companies have to focus on. However, driving revenue can be challenging and costly for a company to build an in-house sales team. B2C sales outsourcing offers many advantages, including access to professional sales representatives, that will help achieve business growth with less hassle

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