Sales Tip - Jan 2019


By Sales Focus Team In Sales Tip,
  • Request that your salesperson create an elevator pitch that will help them win appointments. Discuss some ways to fine tune the pitch to make it more effective.
  • Have your salesperson research the business issues of a particular customer or industry, and discuss some potential questions the will help uncover prospect’s needs and requirements. Discuss how you might support their requirements.
  • Ask your salesperson to develop their top ten lists of client questions regarding the salesperson’s and your organization’s ability to support the needs and requirements. Have them develop their answers to the questions and evaluate them.
  • Have the salesperson list their fact finding and subjective questions in advance of an initial prospect discovery meeting. Review the list to determine if the questions will yield the needed sales information.
  • Attend an initial sales call with your salesperson. Ask them to develop a prospect existing situation/desired outcomes document after the sales call. Review it for accuracy and effectiveness, and use it as a road map to determine what the salesperson knows about the prospects needs. Use it as a coaching tool to determine how well the salesperson listened to the prospect’s requirements and determine what information is still needed.
  • Ask your salesperson what their objective is for a particular sales call, and request that they develop a sales business meeting agenda.  Evaluate the agenda and discuss any refinements.
  • Ask your salesperson to summarize a sales meeting and check to see if they have accurately captured the potential buyer’s selling conditions and needs. Determine if the salesperson has a complete understanding of the buyer’s requirements and recommend any additional questions that they should have asked.
  • Have your salesperson create a strategy document outlining what they know about a prospect company, what their buying process is, who the key decision makers are, what their organizational requirements are, what the individual decision maker’s requirements are and how you are going to support their desired outcomes. Help them evaluate and refine their sales strategy.
  • Request that your salesperson develop a list of their clients’ top-ten buying requirements and have written out how they are going to support those needs. Evaluate their answers and role-play on how to develop effective benefit statements that will support the expressed needs.
  • Ask your salesperson to develop a list of their top-ten client objections and the answers to those objections. Discuss ways to effectively handle the objections.
  • Help your salesperson prepare for a group presentation. Have them outline their understanding of the organizational needs, the key decision makers’ requirements and how they are going to support their needs. Discuss ways to craft an effective presentation that addresses the buyers’ requirements and business imperatives.
  • After the sale ask your salesperson to discuss how they are planning the support the implementation of the sale, manage the implementation, and insure that the client is satisfied with the results. Evaluate their plan and get agreement on the required action items and steps that will insure that implementation is successful. Remind them to look for referrals and testimonials once the client is happy with the results.

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