Inside Sales Outsourcing Professionals:

Increasing sales requires identifying and aggressively reaching out to individuals in your target market. Often that aggressive outreach can be done with a phone and a computer. Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) provides the skilled inside sales team your business needs for increased lead generation and revenue.

Our Inside Sales Outsourcing Professionals Working for You

SFI offers a wide range of outsource sales solutions. We may train professionals to pound the pavement or work in your corporate setting. We also offer inside sales, which entails developing a sales team trained to be experts on your product/service and unique value proposition who work from our East Coast headquarters.

Benefits of inside sales include:

  • Hand-picked team of sales professionals to represent your company

    We recruit and train top sales talent and match individuals with your organization to ensure our inside sales team delivers a congruent brand experience while they aggressively pursue new clients.

  • Sales team expansion without increasing overhead

    Inside sales teams use our infrastructure, so you do not need to invest in new equipment or enhance your communications network to get results.

  • Managed cost of acquisition

    You pay a flat rate for inside sales, making it easier to manage your expenses and control the cost of new client acquisition.

Our inside sales professionals are equipped to execute a range of sales strategies, including phone calls, email campaigns, webinars and more.

Is an Inside Sales Outsourcing Team Right for My Business?

Inside sales can improve sales performance for nearly any size business in any industry. Ideal candidates are businesses that:

  • Want to achieve a national reach without residential sales agents
  • Need to ensure that the cost of sales is proportional to the cost of the product or service

The sales experts at SFI can help determine if outsourcing inside sales is the best solution for your business. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Outsourcing inside sales may be the most cost-effective solution for your organization. Call Sales Focus Inc. today for an initial consultation.

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