SFI’s Guide to Sales Outsourcing

August 31, 2023
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SFI’s Guide to Sales Outsourcing

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) pioneered the Sales Outsourcing industry in 1997. SFI has developed more sales teams for Fortune 500 companies than any other competitor. We are process-driven with a focus on Quality Brand Protection. All of our sales agents and managers are W2 employees of Sales Focus and 100% committed to a specific client/brand. 

Sales Outsourcing Training

Each sales agent and manager goes through extensive background screening, drug tests, training, role-playing, and assessment testing prior to going into the field. Our commitment to quality, process-driven sales teams is what makes SFI stand alone. Our ability to effectively launch a sales team of any size anywhere in the US or globally within 45 days based on our proven and repeatable trademarked process S.O.L.D, is why SFI is the leading provider of Intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions.

SFI is committed to protecting our client’s brands by deploying vetted and well-trained sales professionals. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any unethical or unprofessional behavior. With our 20 years working in the Energy Sector with every major provider and acquiring well over 20,000 new clients, not once has a client of ours had any issues with the Public Service Commission. Our commitment to brand protection and customer satisfaction is second to none!

Specific Sales Training is developed for each client, depending on the type of sales, approach, and process.  Our clients are an integral part of our training process, as we utilize their knowledge and expertise to develop a training program that is targeted and focused on developing quality sales professionals.  Our training “toolkits” provide each sales professional with sales skills and techniques to ensure success.

All training consists of Accountability Training, Product Training, Sales Training, Sales Process Training, Role Playing, and an Assessment Test. Extensive role-playing and reviews are conducted to ensure each sales agent has the knowledge to effectively represent our client’s brand with the utmost level of professionalism.  Each Sales Agent must demonstrate their ability to have an intelligent conversation with prospects and have knowledge of the product and the process. 

Sales Agents are put in the field with team leaders for the first week to see the entire process and have an assessment of their skills and performance. Daily phone calls are conducted to review activity levels, targets, expectations, and training needs. Managers work in the field constantly to review sales techniques and approaches. Training is constant and consistent – it never stops and is based on the specific requirements of the field sales agents.


We measure KPIs as activity levels – Knocks, Open Doors, Conversations, and Conversions. We also measure quality by conducting random calls to customers, and the quality of reps filling out tracking reports and reporting in a timely and accurate fashion. Each Field Manager will have specific quotas around KPIs and Quota Performance, along with quality.

  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Any size sales team, anywhere in 45 Days or less
  • Brand Protection – we are an extension of our clients
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Scalable teams from 2 to 200 sales representatives
  • Dedicated and focused on success
  • Process Driven with daily performance tracking