Why Your International Business Needs a US Sales Team

November 23, 2023
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International businesses can expand their reach into the US markets without the need for residential sales representatives. Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) can be your US-based sales team that will deliver the results you need to thrive in the international business market.

Why You Need SFI

It takes more than an outstanding product or service to gain traction in an international market. There are cultural barriers to the sales process that need to be overcome for clients and customers to invest in what you have to offer. Who knows the best way to reach American consumers than American salespeople?

SFI provides more than just American sales representatives. We provide comprehensive sales services that include:

  • Recruiting sales agents with the industry knowledge, experience, and character that suit your international brand
  • Sales training that gives your outsourced sales team an in-depth understanding of your product/service and the unique value proposition they need to effectively sell to your target market
  • Sales leadership that keeps your sales team performing at top levels for the best reach and results

All we need to launch your international presence is your expertise in your product/service and what makes your brand stand out among your global competitors.

Your Options for US Sales

SFI can offer scalable solutions to best meet your needs. International clients may select:

  • An outside sales team that aggressively pursues new B2B leads or B2C clients
  • An inside sales team that uses our infrastructure to reach prospective clients through phone, email, and other online platforms

For international companies that intend to set up a physical presence in the US, we provide sales consultation to ensure you have a comprehensive sales plan that sets you up for immediate and sustainable success.

Make SFI your international partner for US sales. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.