Debunking 4 Of The Most Common Myths About Cosourcing

Uncategorized - 12th Jun 2017

Statistics show that 50% of companies operating in North America use contract sales forces in some way. And as companies adopt a hybrid sales format, the divide between the two sales formats, inside and outside, is slowing decreasing. This is known as cosourcing, and it allows your company to reap the benefits of both inside and outside sales. Here are some common myths about cosourcing.

  1. Myth: Cosourcing sacrifices quality.
    Just because cosourcing uses outside sales companies, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a professional and reliable business model. If you find the right outsourced sales company, you can cut down on labor costs while consistently gaining the same, if not better, results.
  2. Myth: Companies that cosource will lose control of their business.
    Again, this is a huge myth. The right outsides sales company will work diligently to understand how your business works and do their absolute best to meet each and every one of your needs. They’ll be readily available to answer any questions you have so that you can always keep operations consistent and stay on the same page. If you have doubts about the amount of control you may lose upon cosourcing, discuss your concerns with an outside sales company.
  3. Myth: Cosourcing is too expensive.
    Just like any business model, cosourcing can have many financial benefits when implemented correctly. It just takes time, knowledge, and a thorough understanding of your business’ current and future financial needs and interests. says, “when viewed solely in the context of fees paid to a third-party provider, cosourcing may seem like a more expensive option. But when value and cost efficiencies gained through a cosourcing relationship are incorporated, cosourcing can actually provide a significant return on investment.”
  4. Myth: Cosourcing is a fad that will fade with time.
    This myth was probably made up by somebody who passed up the chance to cosource and has regretted it ever since. The truth is, although cosourcing is a relatively new business model, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and it looks like it’s here to stay. That’s because cosourcing allows your business to get the benefits of both inside and outside sales models.

Ultimately, understanding cosourcing is the first step to using it in your business. For more information about outsourced sales and marketing firms, contact Sales Focus Inc.

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