3 Questions to Ask a Sales Outsourcing Firm

August 24, 2023
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3 Questions to Ask a Sales Outsourcing Firm

Outsourcing is a popular tool for many small businesses and start-ups. Whether your concern is with internet marketing, IT management, or even production, outsourcing is a great way to fill roles that are outside of your wheelhouse without having to commit the resources to employ a full-time staff member or team.

One type of outsourcing that is often overlooked is your sales department. Sales team outsourcing allows you to work with a sales consulting and marketing firm to develop a strategy that will be best to help your small business or startup grow.

Working with an outsourced sales manager, you can determine whether you should focus on inside sales and lead generation or if you can meet the demand generated by outside sales companies.

However, not all sales firms or outside sales companies are created equal. When you are looking for the right fit for your startup or small business you and the outsourcing firm must be compatible.

To help you better gauge your compatibility, we’ve put together 3 simple questions you should ask a sales outsourcing firm before you sign a contract.

  1. What is your strategy for lead generation and conversion?
    Leads are the primary resource for gaining new clients. If a company does not have a solid methodology for generating relevant leads and converting them into sales or clients, that should be a red flag.
  2. How does outside sales factor into your plan?
    In a Harvard Business Review survey, 46% of participants reported shifting away from outside sales. While there are some industries where this makes sense, for many outside sales are an important way to put a human face on a business and increase customer loyalty. They must be able to explain which approach is best for your business.
  3. How far is your reach?
    Most inside sales firms can reach across the country, but if they also offer outside sales, then it is important to know what regions and cities they are currently serving so that you can know how effective their campaign will be for you.

Sales firms and outside sales companies are an amazing resource for small businesses and start-ups, allowing you and your team to better focus on the needs of your business and let another party worry about the nitty gritty of sales.