How to Build a Successful Sales Team

Sales Tips - 09th Feb 2022

Building a successful sales team requires providing your team with all the resources they need to reach their goals. Your sales team is the heart of production which means you must motivate them and include professional development in your workplace. These five developments will help your sales team fill their pipelines and make more sales.

Know Who You Need to Hire, And Why

Make the hiring decision based on who you need, for what position, and what role they can play on your team. Evaluate your environment, find out what you have. Now understand what you do not have. Even if you are working with existing employees, reevaluate each person’s role. They may perform better in a different sales role with different expectations. Do not be afraid to experiment until you find what wins. The goal is to build a successful team, not just fill seats with any warm body.

Provide Incentives

Sales can be a difficult job, and if you are a sales manager after being a salesperson, you can relate. Some days can be filled with rejection and hang-ups. To prevent no-shows at work, give your sales team motivation by offering incentives for meeting goals, going above the line, and expanding their pipelines. Some incentives include money, days off, extra vacation time, a plaque for the office, or any other award. Keeping your team motivated will pay off and help you meet your targets.

Create a Sales Culture That’s About More Than Quota

Set clear, easy-to-understand goals and priorities. If you make your goals too unrealistic, motivation could fall. If you make them too easy, your team will coast instead of hustling at the end of the month.

Be open to accepting feedback and ideas from your sales teams on the goals you establish. You do not want to demotivate your staff or make them quit.

Successful sales representatives care deeply about reaching and exceeding their own personal quota goals, but they care about the company too. They teach fellow sales representatives along the way and unconsciously understand that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Look For Sales Reps Who Are Passionate

You can teach product knowledge, skill, technique, but you cannot teach passion, drive, or grit. Passion sells, clients can feel it and you want your team members to genuinely believe in what they are selling. It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell.

Always Be Learning

ABL is the new ABS (“Always Be Selling”). New techniques, software, and practices are constantly being updated. Your sales team will need consistent help in these areas. You can help your sales representatives by offering education like online courses, seminars, or books about selling. Improving a learning mindset can make you not only better at what you do but also better at who you are.

Creating a successful sales team will take some work, but in the end, the time and effort you invest will pay off. By doing so, you can ensure you are hiring the right people for the right job. When you motivate and provide the right tools for your sales team to do their job, you will improve team morale and decrease your turnover rate. This will all lead to a successful sales team that can scale quickly as your company grows.

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