Improving Your Sales Performance

September 28, 2023
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We Are Your Sales Performance Experts

Sales Focus is dedicated to the success of your entire organization. Our 20-plus years of experience and knowledge allow us to guarantee success and achieve the sustainable growth you require. We closely evaluate your current sales process; including your corporate business goals and objectives, your products or services, and your team to create a complete analysis of how the sales process and performance will build a successful organization.

We take pride in our expertise in understanding people and processes. A lot of companies think having a good sales process in place and training is enough, but not if you don’t have the right people and culture. At Sales Focus our process helps change the behavior of your employees to ensure they understand your business goals and the goals of every customer. This approach gets more than sales, it creates lifelong partners. Our Growth Analysis reviews your entire process for client acquisition and retention. We thoroughly examine every detail to uncover all opportunities for improvement and growth then develop the right plan for optimizing performance.

Once we have completed our analysis, we deliver a plan of action and show you how to translate it into tangible results. We will have your entire team Focused on Success.

Our Growth Analysis Includes:

  • Sales process and documentation Review / Sales Presentations
  • Employee retention and turnover analysis / Performance Management Systems
  • Win/Loss Analysis
  • Sales and Incentive Compensation
  • CRM Analysis
  • Talent Acquisition Process
  • Internal Departmental Interaction
  • Customer Support and Retention
  • Leadership Coaching

Sales Focus won’t just create a consulting plan and expect you to implement the changes. We can provide you with full implementation solutions across all areas to get your organization on the path to success. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships.