Sales Compensation Plan Development

August 25, 2023
2 minutes to read
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Sales Focus’s Compensation Plan Development

An effective sales compensation plan or incentive plan fuels the engines of successful sales organizations. A sound approach, enthusiastically embraced by management and salespeople alike, drives achievement and results. Sales Focus specializes in workable, common-sense sales compensation plans for all-sized businesses. We develop new sales compensation plans or rejuvenate your current ones. In doing so, we believe that neither the plans nor the processes have to be costly or time-consuming for our clients.

Sales compensation plans must reinforce company objectives. Sales professionals should have incentives that help ensure an organization reaches both its strategic goals and immediate revenue objectives. While this guiding principle would seem obvious, it is all too often ignored or compromised. With this in mind, Sales Focus will develop a compensation program for you that will meet the needs of management and the salesperson alike. We will make sure that your compensation and incentive plan complements, supports, and promotes your company’s long-term and short-term goals. It will also be cost-effective.

We will demonstrate the importance of following an orderly and logical process, from assessing your strategic goals to the evaluation and measurement of your new program.

By following a detailed process, we can provide you with an effective compensation program. While the time we spend varies with each client, the approach is consistent. We will confer initially with senior management and then proceed to:

  1. Review your company’s strategic goals
  2. Assess your current compensation plan
  3. Assemble an appropriate advisory team
  4. Formulate a new plan for your approval
  5. Assist in plan implementation
  6. Implement a process to track and manage the plan