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August 11, 2023
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For any sales organization looking to scale quickly, inside sales outsourcing is the answer. Inside sales teams are typically made up of two people: an account executive and a telemarketer. The account executives focus on calls that generate qualified leads for their team, while the telemarketers take care of all other tasks like answering phones, following up with prospects, and generating new business through outbound calls.

What is Inside Sales Outsourcing?

Inside sales outsourcing is a process where your business hires third-party service providers to handle the lower-level tasks of their inbound/outbound customer interactions. They handle customer interactions that are either too complex or time-consuming for your existing team. A successful inside sales team is built on strong collaboration with both your inbound and outbound teams. Let’s explore the benefits of outsourcing your inside sales functions to maximize results for your business.

1. Inside Sales Outsourcing Helps to Maintain Skill sets and get to the market faster

Inside sales outsourcing can help to maintain skill sets and get to the market faster. This allows companies that are unable or unwilling to commit resources internally, especially in a talent-constrained environment, may find this option more attractive than putting together their own team of reps. When it comes to hiring and training, using an outsourced service can also be a fast way to bring on reps who already have the skills you want with less risk.

Inside sales outsourcing allows companies to scale their inside sales teams quickly without compromising quality or revenue goals. It is important that when scaling your team that you use proper techniques and tools in order to ensure that your team is successful.

2. Increased Buyer Involvement And Interaction In The Sales Process

The key to an effective sales process is increased engagement and interaction between buyers and sellers. This allows the buyer’s needs, goals, and other factors like risk tolerance or timeline to be discovered early on in the buying cycle. If your company doesn’t possess those capabilities internally—for example, if you’re a startup with only one salesperson who can’t afford to spend weeks on a sales cycle—outsourcing can help you make up for those shortcomings.

3. The Rapid Rise of Technological Advances

Scaling your sales organization quickly is very important. The rapid rise of technological advances, such as automation and AI software programs, can help you achieve that goal in a matter of months rather than years—and at an affordable price tag. Automation tools are responsible for helping businesses scale their operations by doing the menial work and repetitive tasks like order processing, data entry, etc.

AI software programs manage and even replace some of the tedious tasks that humans do, such as finding leads, qualifying prospects, and closing deals. Solutions like these can help you quickly scale your sales with little to no changes needed in business processes or operations.

4. Helps to Identify Ideal Customer Profiles And Total Addressable Marketing Market

The first step of effective lead generation is to identify ideal customer profiles. With the help of inside sales outsourcing, you can quickly create personalized marketing campaigns for different types of customers. It helps determine the total addressable market, making it easier to target relevant prospects and increase conversion rates. You need some kind of profiling that tells your ideal customer’s requirements and what offerings you must develop to meet their needs.

5. Identify Specific Goals And KPIs To Increase Sales Efficiency

The purpose of setting specific goals and KPIs is to increase sales organization efficiency. Your outsourcing inside the sales team might be very similar; however, there are many benefits in making sure your KPI targets align with the business needs. There are many different KPIs to consider for inside sales organizations. The following list provides some examples of the types of KPIs you might want to track:

  • Number of appointments scheduled by department or territory
  • Location and duration of each meeting
  • Frequency, the time between meetings, number of minutes spent on the phone with potential clients
  • Profitability per lead/opportunity created
  • Number of sales opportunities created per client
  • Team productivity and onboarding metrics such as the number of service hours or products sold, and average daily close ratio.

6. Increased Return On Investments

The ROI on inside sales outsourcing is typically very high. Companies that outsource their inbound and outbound call centers experience a return on investment within the first three months of implementation based on several factors, including agent productivity, efficiency, and cost-per-contact. Outsourcing your company’s BPO needs to an experienced outside provider will increase revenue and profits.

Your company can experience an ROI in less than three months when you outsource your inside sales needs to an experienced outside provider. By outsourcing, companies are able to reduce costs while increasing agent productivity and efficiency, all resulting in increased revenue and profits. The time it takes for this type of implementation is only determined by the number of agents needed on the phone.

7. Outsourced Inside Sales Help in Achieving Business Goals

When an organization wants to take its business online, it is essential that the company hires a team of dedicated employees who understand how to accomplish tasks in accordance with set standards. Companies often outsource inside sales because they need more than just quality services they also require speed and accuracy. 

This is where outsourcing comes in. Outsourcing allows companies to ensure that their specific needs are met by a team of professionals who can work diligently and quickly. This ensures that the company’s goals and objectives remain in focus at all times, which will allow for better business outcomes.

8. The Potentials of Outsourced Inside Sales

Inside outsourcing is an exceptional way to scale your sales organization quickly. It’s a cost-effective, scalable, and fast approach that can be implemented in any size of company when the business needs additional capacity or lacks resources for some period of time. A good inside outsources partner has experienced professionals who are well-trained on all major selling tools and sales processes.

The outsourcer may have a team of people who can complete all or most of your inside sales activities, from prospecting to closing deals and beyond. This saves you the time and money that goes into hiring new employees while also increasing lead conversion rates because they will be working with someone already familiar with their products/services.

The outsourcer can work with you to set up an efficient sales team that gets the job done. You may choose between different models, including pay-for-performance or fixed-price plans for monthly or quarterly activities. If needed, they will also train your employees on their own platform and processes, so everyone is working together seamlessly. 

Our Inside Sales Outsourcing Professionals Working For You

SFI offers a wide range of outsourced sales solutions. We may train professionals to pound the pavement or work in your corporate setting. We also offer inside sales, which entails developing a sales team trained to be experts on your product/service and unique value proposition who work from our East Coast headquarters.

Benefits of inside sales include:

  • A hand-picked team of sales professionals to represent your company
    We recruit and train top sales talent and match individuals with your organization to ensure our inside sales team delivers a congruent brand experience while they aggressively pursue new clients.
  • Sales team expansion without increasing overhead
    Inside sales teams use our infrastructure, so you do not need to invest in new equipment or enhance your communications network to get results.
  • Managed cost of acquisition
    You pay a flat rate for inside sales, making it easier to manage your expenses and control the cost of new client acquisition.

Our inside sales professionals are equipped to execute various sales strategies, including phone calls, email campaigns, webinars, and more.

Is An Inside Sales Outsourcing Team Right For My Business?

Inside sales can improve sales performance for nearly any business in any industry. Ideal candidates are businesses that:

  • Want to achieve a national reach without residential sales agents
  • Need to ensure that the cost of sales is proportional to the cost of the product or service

The sales experts at SFI can help determine if outsourcing inside sales is the best solution for your business. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.


In a company, coming up with an effective sales strategy is the key ingredient to its growth. In business, for an increase in sales, there has to be a higher number of representatives or agents selling their products and services to the market. These agents need tools and infrastructure which help them make more sales and also offer better customer service. And outsourcing is considered a viable option.

There are many reasons why companies look towards outsourcing their sales and marketing needs, but the basic intention remains the same ─ an increase in sales.