Outsourcing Sales for Your Healthcare Company

September 1, 2023
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Sales are the lifeblood of your healthcare company, whether you are targeting individual consumers (i.e., patients; B2C) or other healthcare-related firms or care providers (B2B). Yet, maintaining sales is becoming more challenging as competition increases and regulations get tighter.

The solution may be to stop trying to increase sales on your own. Instead, invest in outsourced sales.

What Outsourcing Sales Can Do for Your Healthcare Company

Your healthcare company needs to increase sales but has limited resources to support marketing and sales efforts. So, you need more sales with fewer associated costs to thrive. Sales outsourcing delivers what you need:

  • Access to Sophisticated Analytics

The key to efficient sales is to target high-value prospects and identify decision-makers within those organizations without trial and error. Analytics and modeling—not a crystal ball—are the tools you need. These tools use sophisticated AI and machine learning, so they don’t come cheap. Investing in the enterprise-level software required is crippling to most institutions’ budgets.

However, you can get the advanced analytics capabilities—the tools and the skilled data crunchers to interpret results—at a fixed and significantly lower cost by contracting with a sales outsourcing company that already has the technology.

  • Reduced Labor Costs

When you add up salaries, benefits, training, and special incentives, the cost of supporting an in-house sales team is huge. So, can your healthcare company afford to grow an internal sales team to increase revenue? Likely the answer is no UNLESS you opt to outsource your sales team.

The money you spend on employees can go further with a company that provides sales plan development, strategizing, sales team recruiting, and training for a fixed monthly cost. And when you choose a sales outsourcing company that promises performance, you can be assured of your ROI.

Sales outsourcing may be the best way to increase revenue and decrease expenses to boost your healthcare company’s profitability.

It Matters Who’s Driving

Sales outsourcing can drive profitability, but only if the right company is behind the wheel. To get the results you’re promised, you need to select a sales outsourcing company that:

  • Has the infrastructure

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) has everything your healthcare company needs to increase sales:

  • Streamlined process to identify your ideal client profile (ICP)
  • Advanced analytics and modeling capabilities to locate prospects who fit your ICP
  • Trademarked process to build your sales team, training program, and sales plan
  • And all in two months or less.

Plus, we have a call center to support phone sales campaigns.

  • Has the experience

Let SFI steer your healthcare company to new levels of sales performance

SFI has more than two decades of sales experience and loads of it specifically in the healthcare industry. Our experts know what to look for when building your sales team so that you get results fast.