Outsourced Sales Management with SFI

August 31, 2023
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Your organization has already invested heavily in recruiting and training top sales talent. To help your sales team continue to achieve maximum results, they need leadership, and that takes another skillset entirely…and a bigger compensation package to match. You can get the sales management talent you need at a managed cost by co-sourcing with Sales Focus Inc. (SFI).

The Benefits Of Sales Management Outsourcing With SFI

SFI knows how to attract, train, and implement top managers inside organizations to guide in-house sales teams to higher performance levels. So, you enjoy benefits like:

  • Freedom to focus on other operational priorities because you do not have to recruit or train sales managers
  • Immediate implementation of relevant KPIs and monitoring systems
  • Confidence in your sales team’s ability to achieve goals and increase your revenue

And because sales managers are SFI employees embedded inside your business, you get their leadership expertise at a fixed cost.

How Sales Management Outsourcing Works

Co-sourcing with SFI is simple—you provide the sales team, and we provide the sales managers.

  • We use our S.O.L.D.™ process to find the experienced manager(s) who fits your needs and corporate culture.
  • We develop a sales training program to acquaint them with your brand and what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • We let our sales managers do what they do best to help your team get results


At SFI, we value our relationship with you above all else. So, you can be confident that our sales managers will work to help your in-house sales team expand your reach, grow your business, and protect your brand and sales intelligence.

Let our sales managers help you get the most from your in-house sales team. Contact us to get started with an initial consultation.