Sales Coaching: Unlocking Sales Potential

August 23, 2023
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Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) offers various sales consulting services, including sales coaching.  Our seasoned sales executives coach your sales management team to lead your in-house salespeople to new performance levels.

Coaching From Experienced Sales Executives

SFI is uniquely qualified to provide sales coach training. Our trainers are experienced sales executives who have built sales teams and campaigns from the ground up for some of the biggest corporations in the world. Our sales coaching services capture proven strategies and best practices that have worked to improve sales for businesses of every size, every sales model, and every industry.

Ideal Candidates For Sales Coach Training

SFI’s sales coach training is ideally suited for companies that want to keep their sales team in-house. That may mean businesses that:

  • Have invested in a quality sales management team
  • Have a sales philosophy that they believe can only be realized by members of the corporate culture
  • Have the infrastructure and sales team staffing to support the level of sales performance they desire

Before initiating a sales coach training program for your business, our sales consultants will evaluate your current processes and assets to determine if this is your best option for improved sales performance or if your business would benefit more from co-sourcing or an outsourced sales team.

Sales Coach Training Overview

SFI customizes sales coach training to meet your company’s unique needs and sales operations. We utilize our proprietary S.O.L.D.™ process to develop a customized Sales Toolkit and training program that capitalizes on the synergy between sales, operations, and marketing.

For most companies, the customized sales coach training program takes three to five business days to complete. However, the size of your sales team, territories, and the number of locations will impact total training time.

Take Your Sales Management Team’s Performance To The Next Level

Sales Focus Inc. offers the sales consulting services you need to increase the performance of your staff salespeople. The sooner you start working with our seasoned sales executives, the sooner you can translate our expertise into your results. Contact us today.