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You can call on the experienced sales executives at Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) to help improve your in-house sales team’s performance. Our menu of sales consulting services includes salesperson evaluations, coaching and performance metrics that align with your corporate values and goals and motivate team members to achieve new levels of performance.


Many companies do not have the infrastructure to effectively evaluate and develop their sales team members. When sales agents do not understand expectations placed on them or how to gauge their performance, they often get confused and frustrated; many simply leave. High turnover leaves your business behind the eight ball, scrambling to find qualified salespeople and then train and deploy them quickly (sometimes too quickly).

SFI helps by developing and implementing a performance management program that:

  • Clearly communicates sales goals
  • Reflects corporate values
  • Provides timely feedback to individual sales representatives
  • Outlines a plan for individual improvement

We give your sales management the tools it takes to retain qualified sales agents, a key to your company’s long-term success.


The performance management program that SFI’s sales consultants helps you develop does more than keep your sales team together. It gives every salesperson the tools they need to continually improve their performance.

We develop a personality and skills profile to help you evaluate your current team and potential hires. Our evaluation delves into the characteristics that really matter in sales, such as:

  • Work ethic
  • Attitude
  • Motivation
  • Fit within the corporate culture

Our evaluation also seeks to identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, compensation incentives that drive results and ideal candidates for management positions.

With in-depth information about your sales team and manager(s), SFI develops intelligent sales solutions that focus on teaching team members how to understand and analyze their business in order to meet and exceed personal and corporate sales goals. Our plans also identify problematic areas for each sales agent and strategies to address those issues and enhance performance.

Like all our sales solutions, sales team evaluation and coaching are process-driven to keep your team on target so that you see results faster.

Contact us for sales consultation services that will immediately and sustainably improve your sales team’s performance.

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