2023 Sales Strategy: Staying Ahead of the Game

August 30, 2023
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2023 Sales Strategy: Staying Ahead of the Game

Before you know it, January will be here! With this being said, it is time to take a look at your sales strategy and review the wins, losses, and everything in between. By examining your strategy for the next year, your team will be influenced to stay on track to meet your goals and enhance potential opportunities. If you are finished planning or just beginning, listed below are three tips to keep in mind when developing your 2023 sales strategy.

  1. Creating meaningful sales territories 
  2. Targeting the right people with purchasing power
  3. Demonstrating a clear value proposition

The most crucial factor in sales success, which happens before a meeting is even booked, is your sales territory plan. First, you must define your larger sales goals by starting with the big sales numbers and then working your way downwards. This will be by beginning with your annual goal and then breaking it down into quarters, months, and even weeks. Secondly, you must dissect your piece of the pie. For business-to-business sales, this could be business type and size, departmental function, or roles within the organization. For business-to-customer sales, you can segment based on demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic information.

Defining your market lets you paint a clear picture of who your customers are. Third, review which customers have traditionally been easy to sell to and/or have seen high levels of success with the product. This will help you prioritize those leads and similar accounts. Fourth, categorize your sales representatives by their skills and experience to where they’ll make the biggest impact and achieve the most success. Fifth, this is where you begin to start assigning accounts to certain reps. Lastly, there is always room to improve your plan so step back and look at your plan objectively to make sure it makes sense.

After you have defined your sales territories, targeting the right people will help you maximize the potential response rate and drive high-value conversations. You’ll want to know who the key decision-makers and executives are in the facilities you’re targeting to do so. Leveraging intelligence from multiple perspectives empowers you to effectively align your messaging to your prospect’s needs for a more meaningful sales conversation. 

Your business’s value proposition is arguably the most important element of your overall marketing message. Demonstrating a clear value proposition to your clients will show them that your business can weather economic storms. When developing your value proposition statement, don’t be vague regarding information to your client, do not offer promises your brand cannot keep, and always remember your competitors are not far away when your client needs a quick and convenient alternative.

As you assemble your 2023 sales strategy, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Looking back on the past two years, your business strategy needs to be composed accordingly. Prepare your company against whatever may come and expect solid growth in return. By following the three tips explained above, your company will have a better grip when developing your sales strategy.