Sales Outsourcing - 24th Oct 2018

To grow and sustain your business, you need more leads and sales. So, how do you get more leads and sales? More importantly, how do you get more leads and sales cost-effectively?

Sales outsourcing from the industry pioneers—Sales Focus Inc. (SFI).

SFI provides comprehensive sales outsourcing solutions to increase your revenue and control your cost of sales…all provided by experienced sales executives who also ensure brand protection.


SFI is led by a team of highly experienced sales executives. We have the knowledge and skills required to develop scalable solutions to your sales needs, which may include:

  • An outside sales team
  • An inside sales team
  • B2B sales
  • B2C sales
  • International sales

We provide full-service sales outsourcing that includes recruiting, training and managing your sales team. And, our vertical knowledge extends across a host of industries, including energy, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.


Sales Focus Inc. is confident in our proven, process-driven approach to client acquisition and sales that we guarantee performance. But when you choose us for your sales outsourcing specialist, you get more than increased sales. You get peace of mind knowing that your business’ current and future interests are protected.

Short Term Benefits
      • Speed to market
        SFI gets to work immediately so that we can be actively selling your product or service in 45 days or less.
      • Cost savings
        We provide services for a fixed rate to help you reduce overall cost of sales to boost your profit potential.


Long Term Benefits
    • Sustained performance
      You have the option to acquire your outsourced sales team after 12 months to maintain your sales performance well into the future.
    • Brand protection
      We prioritize relationships with our clients and carefully select and train your sales team so that we become an extension of your company. As such, we protect what will impact your sales performance for years to come—your brand and sales intelligence.


Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) pioneered the Sales Outsourcing industry in 1997. SFI has developed more sales teams for Fortune 500 companies than any other competitor. We are process driven with a focus on Quality Brand Protection. All of our sales agents and managers are W2 employees of Sales Focus and 100% committed to a specific client/brand. Each sales agent and managers go through extensive background screening, drug tests, training, role playing and an assessment testing prior to going into the field. Our commitment to quality, process driven sales teams is what makes SFI stand alone. Our ability to effectively launch a sales team of any size anywhere in the US or globally within 45 days based on our proven and repeatable trademarked process S.O.L.D, is why SFI is the leading provider of Intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions. SFI is committed to protecting our clients’ brand by deploying vetted and well-trained sales professionals. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any unethical or unprofessional behavior. With our 20 years working in the Energy Sector with every major provider and acquiring well over 20,000 new clients, not once has a client of ours had any issues with the Public Service Commission. Our commitment to brand protection and customer satisfaction is second to none!

Specific Sales Training is developed for each client, depending on type of sales, approach and process. Our clients are an integral part of our training process, as we utilize their knowledge and expertise to develop a training program that is targeted and focused on developing quality sales professionals. Our training “toolkits” provide each sales professional with sales skills and techniques to ensure success. All training consists of Accountability Training, Product Training, Sales Training, Sales Process Training, Role Playing, and an Assessment Test. Extensive role playing and reviews are conducted to ensure each sales agent has the knowledge to effectively represent our clients brand with the utmost level of professionalism. Each Sales Agent must demonstrate their ability to have an intelligent conversation with prospects and have knowledge of the product and the process. Sales Agents are put in the field with team leaders for the first week to see the entire process and have an assessment of their skills and performance. Daily phone calls conducted to review activity levels, targets, expectations and training needs. Managers work in the field constantly to review sales techniques and approach. Training is constant and consistent – it never stops and is based on the specific requirements of the field sales agents.

We measure KPI’s as activity levels – Knocks, Open Doors, Conversations, and Conversions. We also measure quality by conducting random calls to customers, and the quality of reps filling out tracking reports and reporting in a timely and accurate fashion. Each Field Manager will have specific quotas around KPI’s and Quota Performance, along with quality.

Guaranteed Performance

  • Any size sales team, anywhere in 45 Days or less
  • Brand Protection – we are an extension of our clients
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Scalable teams from 2 to 200 sales representatives
  • Dedicated and focused on success
  • Process Driven with daily performance tracking


Our focus is to generate revenue and acquire new customers for our clients!  We are the hunters!  We are hired to focus on bringing new business to our clients, to generate new forms of revenue growth and to find new areas for expansion.  Whether we are representing a Fortune 500 company on a national rollout with 200 sales agents across the US, or we have 2 Inside Sales agents for a small organization, our focus is always how to we grow our client’s business.   How can Sales Focus make our client successful, to take them to the next level of growth and have them succeed, is our number 1 focus.


Since 1998, when we launched the Sales Outsourcing Industry, Sales Focus has a laser approach for our clients, how can we build and launch a dedicated sales team of professionals across the US or across the globe in 45 days or less!   Our proven and repeatable S.O.L.D. process has allowed Sales Focus to accomplish this for over 2,500 clients where we have generated well over $25B in new revenue!


Focused approach, proven and repeatable process, and a dedicated staff of sales professionals has allowed Sales Focus to consistently be the top Sales Outsourcing company in the US for the past 22 years.  We have successfully launched more Fortune 500 companies than anyone and have represented small and midsized companies across the US and Globally, whether they need 2 or 200 sales agents on the street providing face to face sales or inside sales conducting electronic sales.


We will immediately reach out to you and schedule a call to evaluate your needs and expectations.  No obligation evaluation of your needs and requirements can be done with a 30-minute phone call.  We can then provide you with a proposal to outline our process, and solution to fit your needs and requirements.  Whether you’re just launching your company or you need a national sales team, Sales Focus does not have any minimum or maximum number of sales representatives.  Whatever your need, we’ll launch your team in 45 days or less!


We will build a dedicated team of sales professionals who will focus on new client acquisition and revenue generation to take your organization to the next level.  Outside sales, feet on the street, doing door to door, business to business or residential sales will allow you the opportunity to grow your business faster, without having to recruit, train and rehire a sales team.  Our model accommodates for turnover and transition.  You are always in control of the size of the team and can scale up or down with a simple notice to change.  Our team is your team!  Complete transparency to all communication. All data that is captured is your data, customer data, competitive data, marketing data, it is all yours, as we are an extension of your organization and represent your brand when meeting with customers.


Sales Focus provides a “true” outsource model.  Our solution includes the development of the sales strategy, the recruiting of a dedicated sales team, customized training program and consistent oversight and management of the sales team on a daily basis.  The Sales Focus Intelligent Outsourcing Solution provides clients our fully developed, trained sales team across the US in 45 days or less.  Our Sales Outsourcing Solution provides our clients a turnkey solution of strategy, development, process implementation and management.  Our teams are specifically recruited for each client based on their product and industry. Every sales representative is fully vetted, trained and tested prior to interacting with potential customers.


Once a sales team is launched our internal management protocol takes control of daily management of the key performance indicators (KPI’s), where we track activity levels and performance goals.  Sales Focus will develop best practices for each client so they can see consistent productivity and excellence of service.  Our goal with every program is to take our client to the next level of their growth and to develop a dedicated team that sells with ethics and professionalism in every process.


Every client will receive specific sales intelligence focused on their industry.  Intelligence that allows Sales Focus to provide our clients with sales representatives that have a commitment and focus on achieving goals and meeting our client’s expectations.  We also put a guarantee on every program, if we do not achieve the goals we have agreed to, Sales Focus will provide incentives back to our clients.


A guaranteed and dedicated sales team that is specifically developed for each client, based on ethics and professionalism!


The Business Owner should expect;

  • Rapid Market Share Acquisition
  • Exclusive Representation of Product or Service
  • Fixed Cost of Sales
  • Flexibility of Sales Staff
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Manageable Service Level Agreements
  • Quality Sales Professionals
  • Documented Sales Processes
  • Predictable Forecasting Tools

On the other side of the table, the employer has a responsibility to provide the tools and support necessary to give a motivated and talented sales team the means to turn their hard work into results.
The common denominator among successful companies is that they are process-driven and always FOCUSED ON SUCCESS!

Every business owner or corporation has the desire and requirement to expand and grow their customer base. Every organization has a focus on new client acquisition and increase in annual revenues. Most companies have some sales team, maybe 1 or two people or it’s the owner of a small business or a large organization may have 1,000’s of sales people across the globe, all types of business can utilize a sales outsourcing solution.

For small companies we can become the entire sales force, while allowing the management team to focus on delivery and operations. Many small companies struggle with the rollercoaster effect, focus on short term rewards and forget about building pipelines for long term success. Our model is on short term revenue with long development so the business can continue to prosper and grow. Many small businesses hit plateau because they lose focus on development, we eliminate this problem.

Large organizations need Sales Focus Intelligent Outsourcing Solutions for the small-medium business (SMB) acquisition. Our focus for large companies is to take over or supplement their existing teams and focus on the transactional sale of the SMB sector. We can launch a team across the US in less than 45 days, whereby it could take a company months to accomplish this task. Our experienced sales team will focus on areas of expansion; new territories, new product launches, test programs and many other solutions that can build an immediate business unit that can be utilized or acquired for future expansion.

How do you differentiate your products and services in a global economy where you need excellent product/service packages and very competitive pricing just to be in the game?

Product and service differentiation is short lived, can be easily copied, and very few organizations enjoy the type of ‘Economies of Scale” where they can afford to compete on price alone. Today’s buyers are much better educated and with the aid of the internet can easily identify numerous suppliers around the world.

These same buyers are also looking for value-added business relationships and vendor partnerships. This is why simple product/service solutions or features, advantages, and benefits selling systems are no longer enough to help you win and keep clients.

To compete and win in today’s market place you need a selling organization that can identify business solutions that will support your buyer’s business needs, requirements and opportunities. This type of approach requires an organizational selling system, and a sales team with advanced consultative selling skills.

Characteristics Of High-Performance Sales Focus Intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions

  • A Compelling Vision for The Future
  • Organizational Alignment and Communication
  • Managed Sales Processes and Service Delivery Systems
  • A Common Sales Skills Toolkit and Language
  • Effective Sales Talent Acquisition, Development, and Retention Programs
  • Targeted Sales Metrics
  • A Vertically Integrated System for Adapting to Changing Market Conditions and Capitalizing on New Market Opportunities


You know you need more sales, but maybe you don’t know what services will get the best results for your company. SFI can help.

Our leadership team will evaluate your needs and provide recommendations for a customized sales outsourcing plan. We also offer a number of alternatives to fully outsourced sales, including:

Call or contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Find out how to launch your Information Technology Outsourced Sales Team in 45 days or less