Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) provides the services businesses of every size need to generate immediate revenue and sustainable sales.

Services that Get Results

Sales Focus Inc. provides process-driven sales solutions tailored to each business’ unique needs. Our experienced team of sales executives has the expertise to provide:

Sales Outsourcing

Our sales representatives become an extension of your company to provide the “feet in the streets” or “butts in the seats” that aggressively pursue new clients.

Sales Co-Sourcing

We train and manage your in-house sales team to improve and maintain optimal performance.

Sales Recruiting

We use our expertise to help your company fill open sales positions with performance-oriented candidates that fit your corporate culture.

SFI is the sales outsourcing pioneer. We have more than 20 years of experience working with a wide range of industries to boost regional, national and international B2B and B2C sales performance.

Which Services Best Meet Your Needs?

SFI not only provides the sales services that generate revenue; we provide the expertise to help you find the services that best meet your needs, too. Call or contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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Intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions