5 Benefits of Outsourced Staffing

August 24, 2023
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outsourced staffing
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There’s no question that your business needs a sales team to be competitive. But, there is room to question whether or not that sales team needs to be yours—i.e., company employees. Attracting, onboarding, and retaining top outsourced staffing talent is a costly undertaking. You could get the same results—improved sales performance—at a fraction of the cost by outsourcing your sales team to Sales Focus Inc. (SFI). SFI implements our proven process-driven approach to identify, develop, and execute customized sales outsourcing solutions—solutions that bestow these exclusive benefits:

1. Hassle-Free, Customized Recruiting

When you choose sales outsourcing from SFI, you delegate the entire process by which you find, hire, and train your sales team. We take care of it all and exercise a lot of care in developing your sales team.

Once we identify quality candidates, SFI:

  • Conducts multiple interviews
  • Performs background checks and drug screening
  • Develops a sales training program customized for your business
  • Deliver customized sales training via classroom and/or online instruction

Our sales experts meet with your management to find out what you’re looking for in an ideal sales agent and what they need to know to represent your brand effectively. But that’s all you have to do. You are not the one scanning dozens of resumes, taking time out of your day to conduct interviews, or nail-biting about whether or not you made the right hiring choices.

2. Field-Ready Sales Team in Less than Two Months

Because we implement a process-driven approach, our recruiting and training are executed fast, so your sales team is ready to man the phones or hit the streets in 45 days or less. And the faster your sales team is field-ready, the faster you see increased sales performance.

3. Reduced Cost of Acquisition

SFI has unrivaled sales management expertise, which helps us streamline and boost the efficiency of the sales process. Before deploying your sales team, SFI:

  • Profiles your ideal client so we know what geographic areas and demographics to target
  • Outline sales strategies ideally suited to your product/service line and your prospective customers

In short, we do the legwork to take the guesswork out of sales because trial and error are expensive.

4. Managed Cost for Top Sales Performance

Top sales talent doesn’t come cheap. But, when you outsource your sales team, you pay a fixed rate for optimal sales performance. SFI handles the compensation, benefits, bonuses, and other incentives that motivate your sales agents to outperform their best metrics.

5. Increased Revenue

The bottom line is what ratters. If you opt to staff, train and manage your own sales team, there’s always a risk that performance expectations won’t be met. When you outsource your sales team, there’s no risk. We guarantee performance. That means you are guaranteed increased revenue.


SFI can help you see how the benefits of sales outsourcing can translate into actual figures for your business. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how we can help grow your business.