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If you have a talented in-house sales team and experienced sales managers, you still only have some of the components you need for optimal sales performance. Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) can help you fill in the missing pieces to ensure your sales team delivers improved and sustainable performance.


When businesses already possess the human resources to execute sales but sales are still lagging, the problem may be the lack of:

  • An effective compensation scheme to motivate higher sales performance
  • A monitoring or tracking system to help your sales agents see their performance
  • Professional development that gives your top performers the tools and resources they need to get even better

SFI consultants help you identify the issues hindering your sales team’s performance. With a clear view of what needs to change, our consultants help you make change through:

  • Recommendations for compensation structuring
  • Recommendations for KPIs that are more relevant and/or tailored to your short- and long-term goals
  • Development of systems to monitor your team’s daily, weekly, monthly, etc. progress toward individual and team sales goals
  • Creation of professional development programs or opportunities

Armed with decades of sales experience, our consultants have the knowledge and resources to make recommendations that will work in your organization and fit within your budget.


There are times when recommendations and policies may not be enough to boost sales performance. When you need more, SFI can still delivers with services like:

Of course, if you need it, we can develop a sales team from the ground up with the skills and qualities you need to grow your business or launch a new product or service.

There’s only one way to find out how our sales experts can best help you. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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